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We are excited to announce the 2020 LEAN schedule!

YES we are continuing our endurance racing series, so start forming your teams!

YES we are celebrating Independence Day at the track! We're planning a tasty BBQ that evening followed by a fantastic fireworks display. Bring the family and join us for an all-out gala!

YES we will have race school, dates TBA. Count on the Fridays before the WERA weekends.

2020 LEAN Trackdays Schedule

Saturday, May 23

Sunday, May 24

Friday, Jun 12 (WERA race weekend)

Saturday, Jul 4

Sunday, Jul 5, endurance race, round 1

Saturday, Aug 15

Sunday, Aug 16, endurance race, round 2

*Saturday, Sep 19

*Sunday, Sep 20, endurance race, round 3

Friday, Sep 25 (WERA race weekend)

Saturday, Oct 10

Sunday, Oct 11

* revised date

LEAN is excited to announce a partnership with Mark Junge and 57 Rider Development. Mark will be offering one-on-one, personal coaching at all LEAN events in 2020. The cost for Mark's coaching is in addition to the track day.

Mark will also be providing tire service at all LEAN events. Mark sells Pirelli tires and can mount and balance any brand.

2020 Schedule

Saturday, May 23

Sunday, May 24

Friday, Jun 12, Race School

Saturday, Jul 4, BBQ & Fireworks!

Sunday, Jul 5, Endurance Racing

Saturday, Aug 15

Sunday, Aug 16, Endurance Racing

*Saturday, Sep 19

*Sunday, Sep 20, Endurance Racing

Friday, Sep 25, Race School

Saturday, Oct 10

Sunday, Oct 11

There will be no Novice group at the Jun 12 or Sep 25 events due to Race School. All events will be held at Nelson Ledges Road Course.

* revised date

About Us

LEAN Trackdays at Nelson Ledges

LEAN is a motorcycle trackday organization based in Ohio.  Formed in 2017, LEAN brought motorcycles back to Nelson Ledges Road Course.  Besides the meaning of the word, LEAN is also an acronym of sorts:

Learn to become a smoother, safer rider.

Experience the thrill in a friendly family environment.

Acquire new skills and hone your existing ones.

Satisfy your Need for Speed!

LEAN offers classroom and one-on-one instruction by friendly and genuine coaches.  Come out and spend a day or weekend with us... you'll have a blast!

Photos courtesy of Photos by Marty.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you need further clarification.


Must I remove my bike’s kickstand / centerstand?

Kickstands and centerstands are permitted unless they interfere with ground clearance. If it is loose and tends to drop down, you may be asked to zip tie it.  Please bring something to place under your kickstand or centerstand to protect the paddock or hot pit surface.

What are the rules regarding coolant / anti-freeze?

Advanced group riders are required to replace the coolant / anti-freeze with water or water and Water Wetter.  Violators of this rule may be ejected from the event without refund.  When replacing the coolant / anti-freeze, flush the system twice to ensure the original anti-freeze is removed. The above rules apply to track days – please see the racing section of this web site for the coolant / anti-freeze rules for racing and race school.

Must I remove my lights and mirrors?

All lights and reflectors must be removed or taped over. The brake light should not be visible when the brake is activated - this is very important and you may not be allowed on track until this is resolved. Advanced riders must remove side mirrors. Novice and Intermediate riders may tape over side mirrors; however, removal is recommended for all riders.

Must I safety wire my bike?

Advanced riders are required to have the following items safety wired: oil drain plug, oil filler cap, oil filter.  Although not required, it is recommended that all riders safety wire the above items.

What is your rain policy?

We ride rain or shine unless the track facility deems the track unridable.  In that case, you must be present to receive a voucher.  Rain vouchers expire 12 months from date of issue.

Is camping allowed at the track?

Each track has its own camping policy. At Nelson Ledges, camping is permitted. There is no electricity available to campers, and it would be wise to bring your own drinking water.

What time do the gates open?

This varies by track and by event. For most of our events at Nelson Ledges, gates open at 5 PM the day before. For example, the gates open at 5 PM on Friday for a Saturday event.

Are spectators allowed to watch an event?

Yes. Tracks may charge a gate fee.

May I bring my family, friends, pets?

Yes. Pets are welcome but must be on a leash at all times. Restrictions may apply in certain areas; for example, in the hot pit area.

Will there be tire service at the track?

We plan to have tire service at every event; however, it is not guaranteed. If this is important to you, please check with us before the event.

Is there food and water available at the track?

This varies by track and by event. Nelson Ledges has a concession stand and restrooms with running water. It would be wise to bring your own drinking water.


When will race school be offered?

Check the schedule or contact us for upcoming race school dates.

How much does race school cost?

Race school costs $75 plus the cost of the track day.

How long does race school last?

Race school includes classroom and a full day on track.

What kind of racing license will I get?

After successful completion of race school, riders will earn provisional novice racing status with LEAN.  Our race school is approved by WERA, which means they will honor your provisional novice status.

What bike prep do I need to do for race school?

Race school participants are considered Advanced group track day riders and the bike requirements match what is required for the Advanced track day group.


What type of racing do you offer?

2-hour and 4-hour endurance racing. The 2-hour is for ultra-lightweight bikes and the 4-hour is for light/middle/heavyweights.

What are the racing classes?

The 2-hour is for ultra-lightweight bikes. Think Yamaha R3 and Ninja 250/300. A max of 4 riders on a single bike.

There are two 4-hour races - Team Endurance and Pony Express.

Team Endurance classes are lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. Think SV650, R6, R1. A max of 4 riders on a single bike.

Pony Express teams may have a max of 4 riders, and each rider may ride his or her own bike. All bikes must be light, middle, or heavyweight. No ultra-lightweight bikes allowed. The same transponder must be used on all bikes.

What transponder do I need to race?

All AMB/MYLAPS transponders are supported. Transponders may be rented from the track.

What are the licensing requirements to race?

Riders must have a LEAN racing license or a license from another recognized racing organization (e.g., WERA, CCS, MRA).

How much does it cost to race?

$480 for 4-rider teams

$390 for 3-rider teams

$280 for 2-rider teams

$150 for Ultra-lightweight teams

Contact Us

LEAN Trackdays

P.O. Box 3125, Dublin OH 43016

info@leantd.com (614) 467-0760