Trackday Regulations

Riding a motorcycle on a track is exhilarating and fun! As with most other activities, however, motorcycle riding can also be dangerous. At LEAN Trackdays, SAFETY for everybody involved is our primary concern, including the safety of our riders, spectators, staff members, and corner workers and medical staff. By participating in a LEAN Trackdays event you agree to abide by these rules and regulations.

The rules and regulations described here will not cover every situation or scenario that may occur. There will be a designated Trackday Director at each trackday event. The Trackday Director will have final say in all matters including questions, concerns, complaints, and decisions regarding motorcycle and rider requirements and on-track behavior. Riders may be ejected from the event without refund at any time and for any reason if the Trackday Director believes safety is at risk. These rules and regulations are subject to change and new rules and regulations may be added at any time without notice.

General Rules and Regulations

  • You must read these rules and regulations before you participate in a LEAN Trackdays event.
  • We ride rain or shine unless the track facility deems the track unridable. In that case, you must be present to receive a voucher. Rain vouchers expire 12 months from date of issue.
  • Participants must NOT consume ANY alcoholic beverages until the trackday is over.
  • Absolutely NO drugs will be allowed at the track.
  • Your motorcycle must be appropriate for performance track riding.
  • All motorcycles must pass technical inspection (see Motorcycle Requirements). If your motorcycle does not pass technical inspection, you will not receive a refund.
  • All riders must meet the Rider Requirements.
  • Each trackday will begin with a Riders Meeting, which is MANDATORY for all riders. If you miss the Riders Meeting, you forfeit your ability to ride and will not receive any refund or credit.
  • Most events will have three riding groups - Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Novice group is very structured and includes classroom instruction. Novice riders are required to attend the classroom sessions. The Novice group is instructor-led on track and speeds are controlled.
  • All riders must register to ride in a particular group and may NOT ride in more than one group or with other groups.
  • If the Advanced and Intermediate groups are full, some riders register in Novice thinking they can "bump up." Please do not do this - you will not enjoy your day.
  • Riders participating in Race School are considered Advanced riders and must follow the associated regulations described here.

Typical Trackday Schedule

  • 07:15-08:00 AM - Tech Inspection
  • 08:15 AM - Riders meeting, mandatory for all riders!
  • 09:00 AM - Intermediate riders on track / Novice in classroom
  • 09:20 AM - Advanced riders on track
  • 09:40 AM - Novice riders on track
  • 10:00 AM - Repeat rotation
  • 11:00 AM - Repeat rotation
  • 12:00 PM - Lunch (Spectator ride at select events. All participating riders and passengers must be 18 years of age or older, carry a valid operator's license, and wear helmets throughout the ride.)
  • 01:00-05:00 PM - Repeat rotation
  • 05:00 PM - End of day

Rider Requirements

  • Helmets must be undamaged, full-face DOT, SNELL, or European standard approved, with face shield. Flip-up helmets are not allowed.
  • One or two piece leather suits are required. Two piece suits must zip together. Textile suits are allowed in the Novice group only. No mesh suits, chaps, or jeans.
  • Motorcycle riding boots that fully cover the ankle are required.
  • Leather gauntlet style motorcycle gloves that fully cover the wrist are required.
  • Intermediate and Advanced group riders are required to wear a back protector. The built in soft padding in most suits is not enough. Chest protectors are recommended but not required.

Motorcycle Requirements

  • All motorcycles must pass technical inspection. If your motorcycle fails inspection, you will be given an opportunity to make adjustments. The Trackday Director or his or her designate has the final say as to whether a motorcycle is fit for the track.
  • Motorcycles must be clean and in good condition with no leaks and/or loose parts.
  • Advanced riders are required to have the following items safety wired: oil drain plug, oil filler cap, oil filter. Although not required, it is recommended that all riders safety wire the above items.
  • All motorcycles must have a working handlebar mounted kill switch and self-closing throttle in good working condition.
  • Advanced riders must remove side mirrors. Novice and Intermediate riders may tape over side mirrors.
  • All lights and reflectors must be removed or taped over. The brake light should not be visible when the brake is activated. It is recommended to disconnect the lights at the stock connectors or by pulling the fuses.
  • Advanced group riders are required to replace the coolant / anti-freeze with water or water and Water Wetter. Violators of this rule may be ejected from the event without refund. When replacing the coolant / anti-freeze, flush the system twice to ensure the original anti-freeze is removed.
  • Kickstands and centerstands are permitted unless they interfere with ground clearance. Bring something to place under your kickstand or centerstand to protect the paddock or hot pit surface.
  • License plates bolts must be taped or removed.
  • Tires and brakes must be in good condition. Tires must have at least 50% of tread remaining.
  • Brake and clutch levers must have a ball end.
  • All motorcycles must have a muffler in working order.
  • Cameras must be tethered to the bike (e.g., GoPro, etc.).

Riding Groups

  • Most trackdays consist of three riding groups - Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. All groups include control riders who observe riding behavior and look out for the safety of all riders. There are additional motorcycle requirements for Intermediate and Advanced riders (see Motorcycle Requirements).
  • The Novice group is intended for first time track riders, riders with less track experience, or riders who just want the classroom instruction. This group is very structured and riders are instructor-led on track. Riders are not allowed to lap on their own. Passing is not allowed unless initiated by an instructor.
  • The Intermediate group is less structured than Novice. There is no classroom instruction, although control riders are available for advice and coaching. Passing is allowed anywhere except for the inside of turns.
  • The Advanced group is for seasoned track riders. Speeds are generally higher and passing is allowed anywhere on the track.

On Track

  • Only registered riders who have passed technical inspection may ride on the track.
  • Riders may only enter the track under the approval of the grid entry marshal or designated staff member.
  • If a rider crashes, defined as a handlebar touching the ground, the motorcycle must pass a technical inspection before the motorcycle will be allowed back on the track.
  • Any rider observed riding recklessly or in a way that endangers other riders, spectators, or staff may be ejected from the event. This includes behavior on the track and in the pits or paddock. The Trackday Director or his or her designate has the final decision.


  • Any rider under 18 must have a properly executed minor waiver and a parent or legal guardian must accompany them to the event and remain onsite for the duration. The parent or guardian and the rider must sign a waiver form.

Trackside Registration

  • All trackside registration is on a first come, first serve basis.


Flag procedures will be covered during the mandatory rider's meeting.

  • Green Flag - Displayed at pit out. Track is open and active.
  • Checkered Flag - Displayed at pit out. The session is over. Complete the lap and bring your bike into the pits.
  • Yellow Flag - Displayed before and at the station with a problem. Whether waving or stationary, yellow indicates caution ahead. Be prepared to reduce your speed and/or change your line. No passing is allowed. The corner workers will hold a stationary yellow flag for the first two laps of each group, during the first sessions of the day.
  • Red Flag - Displayed at all stations. The session is over due to an unsafe situation. Slow down smoothly and bring your bike into the pits.
  • Black Flag - This flag will be displayed and then pointed at you as you go by. Safely get off the racing line and ride your bike off the track to the next corner worker. Your bike may be leaking fluid so it is very important you stay off the riding line. If you are unsure if the black flag was intended for you, assume it was and get off the riding line as quickly as as safely as possible.